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[Along with the timeline copied from the board, he has added a few bullets for his own reference.]

Night 20 - The patients were left stranded in Doyleton overnight. The townspeople turned into zombies. At the institute and at the end of night, the Head Doctor is attacked and possibly killed while the intercom is (conveniently) on.

Day 21 - The Head Doctor is seemingly replaced by "I.R.I.S.," an automated guide to the institute.

Night 26 - Jill mentions a compatriot, injured in the woods.

Night 27 - Doors at the institute lead to various locations, including the worlds some people call home.

Night 28 - Marc broadcasts on the radio for the first time.

Day 28 - The intercom broadcast used then was remarkably similar to todays. The movie tradition began.

Night 28 - Whatever facilitates language comprehension among different planets and countries was temporarily suspended, for the remainder of the night.

Night 30 - Landel tortures Jill with the intercom running. She has not been heard from at night, although Nurse Lydia has made broadcasts as usual.

Day 31 - General Aguilar, code name Eagle, removes Martin Landel from the directorship of the Institute.

[Addition: "Night 32: Project 2911. Food believed to give patients various insights, such as into the location of 'Special Counseling' victims and some form of mind-reading."]

[Addition: "Night 33 - Magitek Infusion."]

Night 34 - Landel broadcasts on the radio with Marc.

Day 35 - Today. [Addition: "Sunday - Institute facade returned, but with soldiers in place of nurses."]


[Most everything on this page is in that nearly illegible scrawl that covers some of his schematics.]

Information from the board. May or may not be reliable.

Basement: more than one level or area? Doors require objects to open [scribble] and at least three people.

Radio: Mark and Jill. Trustworthiness still unknown.

Rings: possibly work as promised. Once broken, can be repaired using a drop of blood. Fitting.

Surrounding the Institute: a lake, the ruined town, a forest with an altar and a river


[pages three & four: maps]

[Across the pages, Edgar has copied the maps from here.]


[page two: writing from the church]

[copied from the wall of the church; written in scribbled English, as he copied it directly during the language event of NS 50 and couldn't read it to save his life]



[page one: notes]

[written in his usual cursive, though it's more messy than elegant here]

Weaponry hall - downstairs. A dungeon or cellar level? There is a basement; as Anise says, full of "weird stuff." Ballroom down there, possibly weaponry hall as well.

Celes - admitted she felt ready to admit defeat, gone the next day. I was the last one to see her- she was with me at night, but vanished by morning.

Luxord - someone said he was "readmitted" to the institution. Does that account for his strange shift in personality?

[A blot of ink, as though his pen rested on the page a moment as he considered something. Then, written a bit hastily:]

Readmitted? Do they lose their memories of their time here? It is possible.

[Added later.]

Aerith - when I first met her, she'd only been here a day or so. Met her again almost a week later; she tells me the same thing, no longer remembers ever meeting me. Those who have been readmitted to the institution lose their memories of their time here.

Are there any who have returned who recall being at Landel's? [scribbled, then added much later] Utena - returned to the institute once already. Didn't remember the first time, but did the second, if it is a return. She lost six days.


Comments and Critique

Here's the post where you let me know how I'm doing as a role-player.

Do you like the way I'm playing the king?
Think I need to do something differently?
Want to let me know that you think I'm pretty keen?
You believe I should delete my journal and quit the game because he's not putting the charm on enough ladies?
Want me to get off the computer and eat a sandwich?

Constructive critique is totally encouraged, but you're welcome to leave any sort of notes with whatever you're feeling. Feel free to post anonymously or however- I promise I won't bite. :D

Thanks so much in advance!


The Paths He's Taken

D A Y 4 3
    Dinner ♦ Not his room, not his clothes, and his tools are missing: now it's personal
 N I G H T S H I F T
    M16 ♦ Time for a little exploration
    M-A Block Hallway ♦ Traveling
    West Wing, South Hall 1-A ♦ Traveling
    Main Hallway, 1-West ♦ There are women here; this place just went up ten points in his eyes
    Stairwell by Waiting Room/Lobby 1 ♦ He has joined Kuukaku's supply-gathering party
    Main Hallway, 2-West ♦ Enchantments run amok upstairs
    Main Hallway, 2-Center ♦ Still moving
    Main Hallway, 2-East ♦ The other side of the institute
    East Wing, Hall A ♦ Apparitions
    General Storage ♦ Finally reached their destination
    East Wing, Hall A ♦ Volatile attitudes
    Janitor's Closet ♦ Jackpot

D A Y 4 4
    Breakfast ♦ Another lovely maiden has more information on the institution
    Lunch ♦ The two-faced man
 N I G H T S H I F T
    M16 ♦ Yes, he wants that pressurized tank
    M-A Block Hallway ♦ Crossing paths with an old friend
    Main Hallway, 1-West ♦ Heading upstairs
    Stairwell by Waiting Room/Lobby 1 ♦ Appreciation
    Main Hallway, 2-West ♦ Vanishing act
    Main Hallway, 2-Center ♦ Moving on

D A Y 4 5
    Breakfast ♦ Keeping watch for Celes
    Sun Room ♦ Catching up
    Dinner ♦ Luxord again, but stranger

D A Y 4 6
    Sun Room ♦ Edgar keeps an eye on Luxord and meets Raphael
    Lunch ♦ He crosses paths with Celes again, who warns him against his roommate
    Dinner ♦ He attempts to settle his suspicions
 N I G H T S H I F T
    M16 ♦ He's going to try his hand at item collection once more
    M-A Block Hallway ♦ Traveling
    West Wing, South Hall 1-A ♦ Traveling
    Main Hallway, 1-West ♦ He's run into by Harley Quinn, whose party he joins
    Stairwell by Waiting Room/Lobby 1 ♦ She really enjoys treasure-hunting, apparently
    Main Hallway, 2-West ♦ She's still in the lead
    West Wing, South Hall 2-B ♦ Where danger lurks
    West Wing, North Hall 2-B ♦ They're not the first here
    Decontamination Room ♦ He finds a tarp
    Experimental Treatments Laboratory ♦ Harley's chipper attitude is contagious

D A Y 4 7
    Breakfast ♦ In which he meets a lovely blond
    Lunch ♦ In which he meets a lovely brunette
    Greenhouse ♦ In which he meets Guy, who is indeed a guy
 N I G H T S H I F T
    M16 ♦ The evening is quiet and young- time for a supply hunt
    West Wing, South Hall 1-A ♦ Traveling
    Main Hallway, 1-West ♦ He meets Yuna, and they decide to look for weapons
    West Wing, South Hall 1-A ♦ He leads her toward the Recreational Field
    West Wing, North Hall 1-A ♦ Traveling
    Recreational Field ♦ They cross the surprisingly empty field, heading for the shed
    Activities Shed ♦ No room for a weapon, but he got plenty of supplies for his work
    Recreational Field ♦ They backtrack through the field and discuss battle plans
    West Wing, North Hall 1-A ♦ They head for Edgar's room to drop off his items
    West Wing, South Hall 1-A ♦ Traveling
    M-A Block Hallway ♦ Traveling
    M16 ♦ Edgar drops off his supplies and borrows the still-sleeping Luxord's radio
    M-A Block Hallway ♦ Their next stop: the storage room on the 2nd floor
    West Wing, South Hall 1-A ♦ Traveling
    Main Hallway, 1-West ♦ Traveling
    Stairwell by Waiting Room/Lobby 1 ♦ Edgar's light is dying
    Main Hallway, 2-West ♦ Traveling
    Main Hallway, 2-Center ♦ There's a strange monster above the Sun Room- an Esper?
    Main Hallway, 2-East ♦ They continue toward the storage room
    East Wing, Hall 2-A ♦ They're not the first to the storage room, either

D A Y 4 8
    Courtyard ♦ He finally reconnects with Celes, is surprised by her words, and chastises her
    Lunch ♦ He talks machines with Guy and has a chicken tender thrown at him. Thanks, Celes.
 N I G H T S H I F T
    M16 ♦ While working on his latest project, Celes appears

D A Y 4 9
    Bus 1 ♦ Another meeting with Raphael
    Dinner ♦ Luxord has disappeared unexpectedly, and Edgar has a new roommate
 N I G H T S H I F T - [P O R T A L S]
    M16 ♦ With Luxord's disappearance, Edgar becomes concerned the same could happen to Celes
    M-A Block Hallway ♦ He warns Gren about the institute
    West Wing, South Hall 1-A ♦ Traveling
    Main Hallway, 1-West ♦ Traveling
    West Wing, South Hall 1-B ♦ Traveling
    F-A Block Hallway ♦ Traveling
    F12 ♦ They arrive at Celes' room. She's gone, and Edgar feels his last remarks to her didn't help matters
    F-A Block Hallway ♦ Frustrated with Celes' loss, Edgar leads Gren toward the shed
    West Wing, South Hall 1-B ♦ Traveling
    West Wing, North Hall 1-B ♦ They expect to step into the Recreational Field...
    Doctor's Office 9 (Dr. Weaver) ♦ And find themselves in an office. Edgar starts to doubt his sense of direction.
    Sun Room ♦ The hallway isn't where they left it
    Hall of Armor ♦ The music room door leads to a hall of weaponry. Edgar's dreams do come true.
    Weapons Range ♦ An abomination defends the next room, putting Edgar and Gren to the test.
    Mountain Antiques ♦ Injured from the battle, they stop for some improvised first aid
    Group Therapy Room 6 ♦ Nothing of interest

D A Y 5 0
        Bulletin ♦ He recalls his "dream" about the hall of weaponry to get information
    Chapel ♦ He meets Natalia, whom he encourages not to lose hope for her people's sake
    Brunch ♦ He discusses the evening with Raphael
        Bulletin ♦ Confirming Luxord's disappearance, he learns something about "readmitted" patients
    Library, 3rd Shift ♦ He meets a man in the library and questions his intentions
    Dinner ♦ He touches base with Gren, who has found a mysterious ring in his drawer. Probably a secret admirer ♥
 N I G H T S H I F T - [L A N G U A G E S]
    M16 ♦ It seems Landel is just asking for a challenge.
    M-A Block Hallway ♦ Despite their injuries, the two head for the courtyard to investigate the shed and the wall
    West Wing, South Hall 1-A ♦ They choose the field path over going through the Sun Room and cafeteria
    West Wing, North Hall 1-A ♦ The door to the recreational field seems to be in working order
    Recreational Field ♦ Scaling the wall proves problematic as Edgar pulls his stitches, despite Gren's help
    Courtyard ♦ They find the area unguarded and head for the shed
    Gardener's Shed ♦ Edgar discovers the lawnmower and already plans to borrow and dismantle it
    Courtyard ♦ While using a wheelbarrow to climb they wall, the radios crackle with a message from an unknown rebel
    North of the Institute ♦ While discussing the strange radio message, Landel decides to enforce a language barrier
    Quarry ♦ The two come to a quarry, but what is it doing so close to the institution?
    Forest ♦ The trek is wearing on Edgar, his wound reopened during their wall climb
    Ruins ♦ They discover a town, and the mysteries continue to appear

D A Y 5 1
    Breakfast ♦ The night has left him worn, but Guy is always encouraging
        Bulletin ♦ Something has happened to Raphael
    Lunch ♦ He meets Anise after showering; she confirms there is a basement, but will not be smarmed into telling him where
    Dinner ♦ Time for an in-depth discussion of the previous night with Gren
 N I G H T S H I F T
    M16 ♦ Resolved to find a way to stop Landel and the nightly tortures, he heads out
    M-A Block Hallway ♦ After two nights travelling with Gren, it seems strange without him
    Main Hallway, 1-West ♦ The night is early, and the main hall is relatively empty
    Main Hallway, 1-Center ♦ With his shoulder still injured, he decides to take the route through the Sun Room
    Sun Room ♦ He crosses the Sun Room carefully, hearing a fight overhead
    Cafeteria ♦ One danger zone cleared, but he's not safe yet
    Courtyard ♦ While the courtyard seems clear, he can hear a disturbance just over the wall
    Gardener's Shed ♦ The lawnmower is tempting; the weedwhacker is even better
    Courtyard ♦ String trimmer in tow, he crosses the courtyard a second time and reconsiders Anise's advice on healing
    Cafeteria ♦ Heading back, he makes an unexpected discovery- Locke is in Landel's
    Sun Room ♦ They cross through the Sun Room and discover a corpse
    Main Hallway, 1-Center ♦ Edgar warns Locke of a few points of interest
    Main Hallway, 1-West ♦ In safer territory, Edgar decides to address the time-gaps

D A Y 5 2
        Bulletin ♦ Edgar responds to a notice about healers; later, he sets a date
        Bulletin ♦ Indeed, Raphael is gone
    Library ♦ The man from yesterday appears
        Bulletin ♦ He tries the bulletin board to contact Locke and find more clues about the basement and the relic
    Lunch ♦ With no sign of clues or Locke on the board, he quietly heads to lunch
    Game Room ♦ He relaxes in the Game Room for a while
    Dinner ♦ A busy evening ahead, Edgar works on a tool while catching up with Gren
 N I G H T S H I F T - [S H A D O W S]
    M16 ♦ Bidding farewell to Gren, Edgar works on his new toy while awaiting Locke
    M-A Block Hallway ♦ They head for the healer's room together...
    Main Hallway, 1-West ♦ But Locke decides he can do some scouting while Edgar continues toward F18
    West Wing, South Hall 1-B ♦ He's still getting that odd feeling
    F18 ♦ Though surprised to see the healer is Natalia, he's more surprised when their shadows become enemies

D A Y 5 3
    Breakfast ♦ It seems Aerith is still around after all, though she's possibly been 'readmitted'
        Bulletin ♦ He leaves a note for Natalia on the board
    Lunch ♦ No Locke at lunch, either
    Dinner ♦ He and Gren avoid the topic of shadows, discussing brainwashed patients instead
 N I G H T S H I F T
    [He didn't get out of the room OOCly due to scheduling conflicts, but let's say he just made it past the stairs before night ended]

D A Y 5 4
    Breakfast ♦ The Eagle has arrived and brought guards with him; Edgar meets Shinji before a riot breaks out
    Recreational Field ♦ The aftermath of the riot includes a roll call, after which he meets the despondent Sergeant Carter
    Lunch ♦ A conversation between Ryuuzaki and Tear holds his interest
    Dinner ♦ Having witnessed Landel's expulsion in the Sun Room, Edgar is eager to discuss with Gren
 N I G H T S H I F T - [P A R A S I T E S]
    M16 ♦ With the announcement of Project 2911, Edgar heads out to meet Ryuuzaki
    Main Hallway, 1-West ♦ Ryuuzaki wastes no time in idle chatter
    Main Hallway, 1-Center ♦ It turns out they're headed for the storerooms- how convenient!
    Stairwell by Lobby 2 ♦ Trust issues- strange, but not entirely unexpected
    Main Hallway, 2-East ♦ Entering the upstairs hallway, Edgar is hit by a strange feeling: he knows exactly where the "special counseling" patients are. The radio offers little explanation.
    East Wing, Hall A [2nd Floor] ♦ They waste no time as they head for the storerooms
    Janitor's Closet ♦ Picking up a few things, Edgar explains Landel's unexpected dismissal to Ryuuzaki
    Extra Storage ♦ There's no forgetting those they've lost along the way
    Janitor's Closet ♦ Edgar bumps Ryuuzaki on the way out, triggering Project 2911
    East Wing, Hall A [2nd Floor] ♦ Ryuuzaki's acting strangely; perhaps he's warming up to the company
    Patient Possessions Storage ♦ Doubly shocking: the effects of Project 2911 and Edward March's inventory
    East Wing, Hall A [2nd Floor] ♦ Before the night ends, they try other doors, only to find they are locked

D A Y 5 5
    Cafeteria ♦ Edgar meets Lunge and discovers he's terrible at cleaning floors
        Bulletin ♦ Edgar leaves a note for Locke; it goes unanswered
    Lunch ♦ The menu is awful, but the blackmail of patients is beyond disgusting
    Male Showers ♦ Guy informs Edgar that Natalia has probably been released
        Bulletin ♦ Patients are ranked by time spent at the institute. Fantastic.
    Dinner ♦ Gren isn't taking the changes as well as hoped
 N I G H T S H I F T
    Disciplinary Therapy Room 5 ♦ M16 was hit with double M-U; Edgar becomes far too intimate with the process of Magitek infusion

D A Y 5 6
    Bus 1♦ The field trip has a rough start, as he is still very ill from the experiment
    Twin Pines Restaurant (Early Afternoon) ♦ Not only do Ryuuzaki and Lunge see him in a state he'd prefer no one witness, but they steer the conversation toward his sleep study. Well.
    Bus 1 ♦ On the return trip, he is met by Natalia- did she never leave?
    Dinner ♦ With both roommates having been taken the night before, dinner conversation is rather solemn
 N I G H T S H I F T
    M16 ♦ After Gren's departure, Edgar kills time until Ryuuzaki and Lunge arrive; they chat about the dagger & basement
    West Wing, South Hall 1-A ♦ The radios play: Marc and Landel have formed an alliance?

D A Y 5 7
    Chapel ♦ Feeling marginally better, Edgar chats with Anise
    Cafeteria ♦ He meets Utena, who has slept for six days and knew Celes
    Waiting Room/Lobby 1 ♦ A visitor: the brother of Edward March
 N I G H T S H I F T
    M16 ♦ The Medical Wing is opened, but Edgar decides to test his magic this night
    M-A Block Hall ♦ And there is Locke, as if he'd never left... though it's apparent he did
    M8 ♦ They backtrack to get Locke's flashlight before heading to Anise's room
    M-A Block Hall ♦ Edgar explains the flashlight...
    West Wing, South Hall 1-A ♦ ... And that he's still looking for answers, himself.
    Main Hallway, 1-West ♦ The conversation turns to the Rebel...
    West Wing, South Hall 1-B ♦ Then to the military...
    F-A Block Hall ♦ ... And finally to his M-U. Locke is not pleased.
    F14 ♦ Anise leaves Edgar candies and notes- she is far too kind. ♥
    F-A Block Hall ♦ Edgar is in for a shock as he finds he's the one from the past, now
    West Wing, South Hall 1-B ♦ Two years later, and his friends are okay... and so is he? More questions arise.

D A Y 5 8
    Breakfast ♦ Ryuuzaki approaches, and they chat about multiple timelines
        Bulletin ♦ Locke tries to give Edgar a warning, but he sees it a bit late
    Lunch ♦ So his eyes weren't playing tricks on him at breakfast: Terra is at Landel's... kind of.
    Arts & Crafts ♦ He chats with Carter and spots Ryuuzaki talking to Terra. What, can't get girls on his own?
    Dinner ♦ He shares some food with Gren, who looks worse for wear
 N I G H T S H I F T
    M16 ♦ Not knowing the whereabouts of Terra or Locke, he heads off to meet Ryuuzaki
    West Wing, South Hall 1-A ♦ ... Who has been forcibly drugged, possibly courtesy of Code 1-8. Also, radio interrupts.
    Main Hallway, 1-Center ♦ The military is using patients to do their dirty work, like kill of Marc's allies. Great.
    Main Hallway, 1-East ♦ Also, there is a traitor in the military, and they want to out him by blackmailing patients. Also great.

D A Y 5 9
    Breakfast ♦ He meets with Terra again. He tells her about the Empire and they agree to travel at night. Hot. ♥
    Library ♦ Locke had a harder night, dealing with a gassing. They chat about Terra.
    Game Room ♦ Guy's roommate is back from the dead
 N I G H T S H I F T
    M16 ♦ With a strange announcement and a pink glow covering the walls, Edgar makes haste for Terra's room
    West Wing, South Hall 1-A ♦ The sight that awaits him- blood everywhere. What's going on?
    Main Hallway, 1-West ♦ It seems the restrictions on powers are gone; his infusion symptoms reappear, as does Terra
    Main Hallway, 1-Center ♦ At her insistence, they move- and find a spider waiting for them.